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Our team ensures a reliable, effective and sharp-witted approach to your project’s, event’s or company’s

Communication, Dissemination and Public Engagement activities

Communication in Horizon Europe projects

We ensure communication and dissemination activities within Horizon Europe projects.

We are a great partner that you can rely on!

Communication Services

Our team has extensive experience in digital communication. We help companies, projects and event organisers meet their goals!

Our team is proactive, creative and hardworking! 

What We Do

We help companies and projects connect with their target audiences and reach their goals!

Why Work With Us?

We will make your life easier! As an independent team of professionals, we will ensure that your company or project gets closer to achieving its goals. You will enjoy our team spirit, efficiency, proactiveness and eye for detail!

You can rely on us

We deliver what we promise. We meet deadlines. You won’t need to remind us!

We keep it simple

In communication, we value conciseness and precision.

We strive to be creative

In today’s saturated market, it is imperative to stand out. We are excited to help you with this!

We grow

Our goal is to improve ourselves every day. Thus, every collaboration with us will be “the next level of collaboration”.

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How We Work

We focus on delivering results while ensuring a pleasant and enriching working environment.

Strategy & Planning

We typically start our tasks with research, gathering information and input from all the involved parties. Based on this, we establish a strategy and set our goals. Then we can plan the individual steps toward achieving these goals.


We love the Agile methodology, as we believe there are always ways to do something better. We use efficient tools to optimise work, communicating regularly to the team about our achievements as well as the status and stages of different tasks.


We will deliver a full report on all the results. In addition, our team conducts a performance analysis in order to establish which tasks were efficient, where improvements could be made, and whether any expected results couldn’t be achieved and why.


These are questions our clients and collaboration partners often ask us before they start working with us.

Yes, WIT Berry is an SME based in Latvia. We have a small but very efficient team that you can rely on!

Yes, we have experience in working on various projects with many nationalities. Together, our team speaks 6 languages: Latvian, English, Russian, and French, as well as a bit of Dutch and Spanish.

It’s true that most of our international experience as well as experience in EU-funded projects is in the space sector. However, we’ve worked with companies in various sectors. We believe our team is very resourceful and can quickly familiarise itself with a sector to be able to implement effective communication and dissemination activities.

With pleasure! In the section Portfolio, we’ve posted some of the projects we’ve participated in, organised and contributed to. However, if you want to find out more, let’s schedule an online meeting!

We love the Agile methodology – since things in the communication sector can change extremely fast! We also like to be efficient. Thus, we ask important questions. We dig pretty deep to understand the topic, opportunities and challenges. We believe these aspects make us an amazing communication partner!

Absolutely! We currently have the capacity to become a partner in a new project. We will dedicate the time needed to contribute to the proposal writing. We will be a present and very active partner during the project implementation if it is funded.

Let's get in touch!

Feel free to contact us! We are a communication agency! We love to communicate!


Read what some of the people we have worked with say about our team!

The contribution of WIT Berry's team to the EU-funded project REVERTER proved to be invaluable. Serving as a cornerstone in the project's success, they emerged as a formidable partner, demonstrating unwavering commitment throughout the design, implementation, and deployment phases of communication and dissemination strategies. WIT Berry not only provided indispensable guidance and expertise but also showcased a profound level of know-how, complemented by an effective methodology that streamlined our efforts. The entire consortium is impressed with WIT Berry's professionalism, depth of knowledge, collaborative spirit, and the unwavering confidence they brought to the project.
Dimitris Damigos
Project REVERTER Coordinator, Laboratory of Mining and Environmental Technology, National Technical University of Athens
Maria Wallin
The support that Wit berry as communication and dissemination partner is providing the EU co-funded project HAlMan is outstanding. They always show interest in the project and are eager to understand what each partner is doing and how the results that they generate can be communicated in the best possible way to the general public, scientist and policy organsiations. Wit Berry is proactive, and creative in their communication which has helped the project to reach out information about its ambitious goal of producing Mn-alloys with lower CO2 emissions and energy consumption.
Dr. Maria Wallin
Project HAlMan Coordinator, Researcher at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU
Project Manager at Programs and Operations COO in AIRBUS
I have been working the last four years with WIT berry as our communication partner in two EU co-funded programs, GIESEPP MP and DEEP PPU. Within these projects, divulgation activities have taken a huge relevance, and therefore specific partners dedicated to this communication targets have been ask to join the project team. I have found in WIT Berry a reliable partner full of initiative and empathy to work side by side within an engineering space development.
Luis Villacieros
DEEP PPU project coordinator, Project Manager at Programs and Operations COO in AIRBUS
Switc to Space event
Thanks to Linda and the quality of her work, the event that we organized was a real success: Switch to Space 2 gathered hundreds of people from all around the world. She provided very high-quality graphic material (templates for presentations, posters, brochures, etc.) and her abilities with social media communication did the rest perfectly. Linda is also a very good team worker and has equally outstanding personal qualities; every organizer of a large-scale event should have someone like her in the team!
Jeremy Rabineau
PhD, Aerospace Engineer and one of
Switch to Space organisers
The initiative by YouSpace Belgium
YouSpace have a very close collaboration with WIT Berry’s team that takes care of all the communication tasks for Switch to Space events. WIT Berry’s team is a very effective partner. They listen to our needs as well as provide their own solutions. They are real professionals! We fully trust and rely on them!
Dominique Tilmans
Chair of YouSpace and Switch to Space, VP of the International Aeronautical Federation , Chair of EURISY
I’ve only known Linda for a couple of years, but she brings insight, creativity and humour into business processes and communications. Perhaps the best recommendation I can give is that during the first experience of her work, I said that our companies would be collaborating within a year – without having any idea what it would be about or how. It came true, and we are benefiting from Linda’s focus on quality, her direct approach and willingness to ask important questions.
Ed Chester
Space Systems Engineer, Innovation and Project Manager

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