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Our team ensures reliable, effective and wit approach to your project's, event's or company's

Communication, Dissemination and Public Engagement activities

Communication in Horizon Europe projects

We ensure the communication and dissemination activities within Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects.

We are a great partner that you can rely on!

Communication Services

Our team has extensive experience in digital communication. We help companies, project and event organisers to meet their goals!

Our team is proactive, creative and hardworking!

What We Do

We help companies and projects engage with their audiences and reach their goals!

Creative communication Service
Website Content
Communication Strategy
Social Media Communication
Brand Book
Press Releases & Articles
EU funding
Fresh ideas and solutions

Why Work With Us?

We will make your life (read also - work) easier! By working independently and in team we will ensure that your company or project gets closer in achieving its goal! You will enjoy our team spirit and eye for a detail!

You can rely on us

We deliver what we promised. We meet deadlines. You won't need to remind us!

We keep it simple

In communication we value one's ability to be short, precise, keep it simple and reach the goal!

We strive to be creative

In the nawadays saturated market it is imperative to stand out! We are excited to help you with that!

We grow

Our goal is to improve ourselves every day! Thus, every collaboration with us will be "the next level collaboration".

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How Do We Work

We are focused on delivering results while ensuring a pleasant and enriching working environment.

Strategy & Planning

We typically start all our tasks with a research and gathering of information and inputs from involved parties! We establish a strategy and we set our goals! Then we can plan the steps that we have to take to achieve the anticipated goals!


We love the Agile methodology as we believe that there are always ways to do something better. We use efficient tools to optimise the work, we communicate regularly to the team about our achievements as well as status and stages of different tasks.


We will deliver full report on all the results. In addition, our team conducts a performance analysis in order to establish which tasks were efficient, where the improvements could be done, what and why didn’t bring the expected results etc.


These are the questions our clients and collaboration partners asked us before they started working with us.

Yes, WIT Berry is an SME based in Latvia. WIT Berry has a small but very efficient team that you can rely on! 

Yes, we have an experience in working with various project with many nationalities. Together our team speak 4 + 2 languages. Latvian, English, Russian, French as well as  little bit Dutch and Spanish. 

It’s true most of our international experience as well as experience in EU funded projects is in the space sector. However, we have worked with companies in various sectors. We believe that our team is very wit and can quickly familiarise with a sector to be able to implement effective communication and dissemination activities. 

Yes, sure! With a pleasure! We have created a section Portfolio where we posted some of the projects we have participated, organised and contributed to. However, if you want to hear more, let’s schedule an online meeting! 

We love Agile methodology – since things in communication sector can change extremely fast! We also want to be efficient! Thus, we ask important questions! We do dig pretty deep to understand the topic, opportunities and challenges. We believe that these aspects make us amazing communication partner! 

Yes! Absolutely! We still have a capacity to become a partner in a new project! We will dedicate the needed time to contribute to the proposal writing! We will be present and very active partner during the project implementation if it will be funded! 

Let's get in touch!

Feel free to contact us! We are a communication agency! We love to communicate!


Read what some of the people we have worked with say about our team!

Switc to Space event

Jeremy Rabineau
PhD, Aerospace Engineer and one of
Switch to Space organisers

Thanks to Linda and the quality of her work, the event that we organized was a real success: Switch to Space 2 gathered hundreds of people from all around the world. She provided very high-quality graphic material (templates for presentations, posters, brochure, etc.) and her abilities with social media communication did the rest perfectly. Linda is also a very good team worker and has equally outstanding personal qualities, Every organizer of a large-scale event should have someone like her in the team!

Switc to Space event

Dominique Tilmans
Chair of YouSpace and Switch to Space,
VP of the International Aeronautical Federation , Chair of EURISY

Since 2018, YouSpace have a very close collaboration with WIT Berry’s team that takes care of all the communication tasks for Switch to Space events. The WIT Berry’s team is a very effective partner. They listen to our needs as well as provide their own solutions. They are real professionals! We fully trust and rely on them!


Ed Chester
Space Systems Engineer, Innovation
and Project Manager

I’ve only known Linda for a couple of years, but she brings insight, creativity and humour into business processes and communications. Perhaps the best recommendation I can give is that during the first experience of her work, I said that our companies would be collaborating within a year – without having any idea what it would be about or how. It came true, and we are benefiting from Linda’s focus on quality, her direct approach and willingness to ask important questions.

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