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H2020 Giesep MP project

WIT Berry joins the Europe’s space sector leaders in a project to boost Europe’s competitiveness in the global satellite market

To foster Europe’s competitiveness in the global satellite market, the first European Plug and Play Gridded Ion Engine Standardised Electric Propulsion Platform (GIESEPP), operating ArianeGroup ion engines with the option of alternative thrusters, continues to develop within the GIESEPP MP project funded by the Horizon 2020 framework programme of the European Union.
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How to Prepare for Horizon Europe

The first Horizon Europe calls will be soon open for accepting proposals. Is your organisation ready for it? We are all waiting for the new programme to come out with the improve guidelines.
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20 mistakes to avoid when writing a proposal

Writing a winning Horizon 2020 proposal is not an easy job. Especially because you have to collaborate with people from different organisations and countries and deliver an excellent proposal if you want to get funded!
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Lost Opportunities during the Horizon 2020 Programme

Being involved in the Horizon 2020 projects had opened a lot of new opportunities for our Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). Since being introduced to the EU funding programmes, we have realised that there are many diverse opportunities for the development and innovation of many different organisations in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
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