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An international consortium organises a series of events in Venice, Italy, to innovateand shape the future of European craft sectors

Venice, Italy - [May 19, 2023] - HEPHÆSTUS, a four-year project funded by the European Commission, is scheduled to launch in Venice and Bassano del Grappa on May 26th and 27th, 2023.
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Project SALTO

“WIT Berry” will ensure communication and dissemination activities of the SALTO project that will advance forward Europe’s first reusable rocket

Funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe programme, SALTO project will accelerate the development of the first reusable launchers in Europe.
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Space HE project

WIT Berry is communication and dissemination partner of an international consortium CHEOPS-VHP-BB

International consortium comprising seven partners – leading space industry representatives, research centres, university and SMEs develop an innovative technology to ensure future Mars, the Moon, near Earth orbit asteroid avoidance and mining missions.
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WIT Berry

An international consortium works on a technological solution to become a game changer in the metallurgical industry in Europe

The international consortium will develop and demonstrate an integrated sustainable process to produce manganese (Mn) and Mn alloys from Mn ores and Mn-containing waste by using hydrogen and secondary aluminium sources as reductants.
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3 organisations from Latvia, including WIT Berry will tackle quality of life improvement in Europe by increasing building energy-efficiency

The project REVERTER aims to provide solutions to decrease energy poverty in Europe by developing 9 different roadmaps and working closely with the end consumers in 4 pilot countries.
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Horizon Europe project

WIT Berry is involved in an ambitious space project funded by Horizon Europe programme

SME from Latvia – SIA WIT Berry is involved in this project and will fulfil the role of communication and dissemination partner.
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WIT Berry are focused

The importance of SEO in communicating research and innovation projects

Make your research results more visible, optimize your content for Google. The importance of SEO in communicating research and innovation projects.
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H2020 Giesep MP project

WIT Berry joins the Europe’s space sector leaders in a project to boost Europe’s competitiveness in the global satellite market

To foster Europe’s competitiveness in the global satellite market, the first European Plug and Play Gridded Ion Engine Standardised Electric Propulsion Platform (GIESEPP).
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WIT Berry commucation

How to Prepare for Horizon Europe

The first Horizon Europe calls will be soon open for accepting proposals. Is your organisation ready for it? We are all waiting for the new programme to come out with the improve guidelines.
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20 mistakes to avoid when writing a proposal

Writing a winning Horizon 2020 proposal is not an easy job. Especially because you have to collaborate with people from different organisations and countries and deliver an excellent proposal if you want to get funded!
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