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Communication Partner in
Horizon Europe Projects

We help research & innovation projects make an impact!

We plan and implement effective communication, dissemination and public engagement strategy and activities within EU-funded projects, in particular, Horizon Europe.

Our strenghts

We commit and we contribute to proposal writing
We have valuable experience in Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes
We are collaborative and result-oriented
We tend to find solutions even in the most challenging situations

Communication and dissemination partner

We’ll tailor communication, dissemination and exploitation strategy and activities to your project’s goals in order to maximise the impact. Our team will find ways to involve every consortium partner in these activities. We’ll work on a strong communication and dissemination description for the proposal by adapting the activities to specific target audiences and the expected results, outcomes and impact of your project.

Creative Commucation

What Can We Do?

We can ensure high-quality communication and dissemination strategy and activities for EU-funded projects.

Communication & Dissemination

Effective communication and dissemination strategy and action plan

Project Brand

Project brand book – logo, design
style etc.


Effective internal communication between consortium partners

Printed materials

Printed materials – design and content for flyers, brochures etc.


Comprehensive and detailed reports about achieved results

Social Media

Social media – strategy and communication


Presentation – design, graphs,
content, support


Website – concept, design, development and content


Videos – modern and engaging video production


Organising or ensuring participation in various events, seminars, conferences, etc.


Planning, organising and managing webinars

E-mail newsletters

Content, style, design, database collection

Press & Media

Writing press releases to the media and disseminating them throughout Europe and to specific niche media worldwide

Publications and articles

Support in writing publications – visual materials, etc. News and updates on the website.


Planning and organisation of engaging end-user events, webinars and workshops

How We Work?

We apply the Agile methodology during any process. We plan first, yet easily adapt if new facts, challenges or opportunities arise.

Proposal writing

We actively participate in the proposal writing process. We consider the needs of the specific call, the aim of the project, the consortium partners and target audiences who will benefit from it, as well as the stakeholders’ needs. We will tailor the communication and dissemination strategy to all these aspects.

Project implementation

When the project gets funded, we will start implementing the established communication and dissemination strategy. We will ensure all the activities and reports, we will actively participate in all the phases of the project, and we will take care that it reaches the expected outcomes and impact.

Are you looking for a great communication and dissemination partner for your EU-funded project?

Why consortiums like working with us

Our partners in EU projects appreciate our punctuality, proactiveness and willingness to come up with brand new solutions. They also love the fact that they can count on us. We deliver what we promise, and we always respond to e-mails very, very quickly!

Contact Us!

We are ready to contribute and help you achieve your project’s goals!


We have more than 10 years or experience in communication field.
Here are some of the latest international events and project that we have worked on.

Belgium 19.10.2022.

Switch to Space 3 – space event

The largest event in Belgium dedicated to students and young professionals interested in developing careers in the space sector. In 2022, it was the third event organized by, that took place in Brussels, Belgium (19.10.2022)

H2020 project

Project H2020 GIESEPP MP

WIT Berry is responsible for the communication and dissemination work package. The consortium includes ArianeGroup GmbH (Germany), Airbus Defence & Space (France), Aerospazio Tecnologie s.r.l. (Italy) Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen (Germany), CRISA (Spain). 

WIT Berry consortium

Project H2020 Hatch

WIT Berry was a consortium member of the Horizon 2020 space project HATCH and was responsible for several important tasks during project proposal writing and implementation after it got funded (and received a high score).

Latest Posts

Here are some interesting and useful peaces of content for your communication and dissemination activities for Horizon Europe projects as well as other projects and events related to research, innovation and education.

WIT Berry communication

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Being involved in the Horizon 2020 projects had opened a lot of new opportunities for our Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). Since being introduced to the EU funding programmes, we have realised that there are many diverse opportunities for the development and innovation of many different organisations in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
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Communication H2020

20 tips and tricks for communication and dissemination of research projects

Maybe you think that research is a very technical or complicated discipline. Yes, it is! However, since I started working with research projects, I’ve realised that exactly the same communication rules apply here as in shoes, cosmetics or insurance. Basically, if you want your organisation or project to succeed, you have to think as methodically as possible.
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20 mistakes to avoid when writing a proposal

Writing a winning Horizon 2020 proposal is not an easy job. Especially because you have to collaborate with people from different organisations and countries and deliver an excellent proposal if you want to get funded!
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