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Empowering Horizon Europe Projects Unleash the Potential of Your Kick-off Meeting

Turn your Horizon Europe project’s kick-off meeting into a Dynamic Workshop with real results!

Are you tired of the traditional, passive kick-off meetings that fail to ignite the collaborative spirit of your project consortium? We believe in kick-offs that kick-start your project by fostering meaningful interactions and tangible planning. It is not effective to read the collective proposal again! Use the kick-off meeting to advance, make decisions and start to collaborate! 

What Can We do?

With years of experience in orchestrating successful events and campaigns for Horizon Europe projects, we understand the dynamics of effective communication and engagement.


We transform your kick-off meetings into dynamic workshops where teams actively collaborate, strategize, and align their efforts towards project success.

Practical Planning

Say goodbye to rehashing the project proposal. Our workshops dive into actionable plans, clarifying roles, timelines, and responsibilities.

Preparing to communicate

The kick-off meeting is an excellent moment to take photos and videos that will introduce your project and team.

Our Methodology for project kick-off workshopThis is the heading

We are proud to introduce the innovative use of Lego Serious Play in our kick-off workshops. This proven methodology encourages creative thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. Through hands-on building and storytelling, collaborate, and strategize, plan and align like never before.

Our Methodology for communication

Our experience and expertise in communication activities will allow you to create a solid photo and video bank for your project. Through these visual assets, you’ll be able to vividly convey your project’s essence, goals, and anticipated impact to a wider public.

The photos and videos captured during your kick-off meeting are versatile assets that can transform your project’s presence across various channels. From your project’s website and social media platforms to press releases, presentations, seminars, and conferences, these visuals will captivate your audience and provide a glimpse into your project’s potential.

Our approach turns mere documentation into a strategic advantage!

Would you like to know more about our proposed approach toward effective kick-off meeting?

Depending on the number of participants and a number of Work Packages, we will propose the most effective way to organize your project’s kick-off meeting.

Contact Us!

We are ready to help you achieve your goals!


We have more than 10 years or experience in communication field.
Here are some of the latest international events and project that we have worked on.

Project SALTO

Horizon Europe project SALTO

The SALTO project aims to raise the maturity level of the first European reusable rocket technology, significantly reduce launch costs, ensure improvements in the environmental footprint and strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in strategic space missions.

H2020 project

Quiz - GIESEPP MP project communication activity​

Horizon 2020 project communication and dissemination campaign – quiz, public engagement, knowledge transfer. The goal of this communication activity was to share the knowledge about the electric space propulsion.

Belgium 19.10.2022.

Switch to Space 3 – space event

The largest event in Belgium dedicated to students and young professionals interested in developing careers in the space sector. In 2022, it was the third event organized by, that took place in Brussels, Belgium (19.10.2022)