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About event

The largest event in Belgium dedicated to students and young professionals interested in developing careers in the space sector. In 2022, it was the third event organized by, that took place in Brussels, Belgium (19.10.2022)

WIT Berry team

What did WIT Berry team do?

The WIT Berry team was responsible for the communication campaign of the webinar, management and planning of the event.


We planned and organized the event, communicated with speakers, prepared templates for presentations, created registration forms and landing pages, organized a campaign, hosted and moderated the webinar.


The webinar was attended by more than 100 participants who provided a very positive feedback about its content. We also worked on webinar recordings that still can be viewed on the project websites.

“We were very pleased to see so many participants at our webinar. The topic is very narrow and specific, but our proposed agenda and speaker experience seemed enough attractive to various types of participants who joined us.”

Linda Kimeiša, Communication manager

WIT Berry team

The event photo gallery

These are only a few photos from this event.

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