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Launching HATCH at
Paris Space Week

About Launching HATCH at Paris Space Week

One of the campaigns that we implemented within the Horizon 2020 project HATCH was the launch event in Paris, France – Paris Space Week. 

What did WIT Berry team do?

WIT Berry’s team planned and organised all the activities, presentation materials, logistics etc. related to launch of the web poertal HATCH. 

The Challenge

To launch a brand new space web portal online and offline. This event allowed as to access more than 100 companies and organisations in the space sector - to get contacts and register.

The Outcome

Paris Space Week is one of the most important events for the space industry in Europe; HATCH and WIT Berry participated in this event. WIT Berry was responsible for all communication activities before, during and after Paris Space Week, including engagement with stakeholders and presentation of the web portal. We were able to boost the traffic, gain new users and potential clients.

The tasks that WIT Berry's team implemented

Action plan

We created an action plan, that included the prelaunch activities, activities during the event and
after the event.


We tried to be very interactive during the event. Thus, we used some gaming elements and tasks within pour presentation to engage with potential users and collaboration partners.

Flayers and present materials

We created a very smart flayer that was highly appreciated by our target audience. Also other present materials that participants could gain by participating in our quizzes were very wit.

Visual materials

We created a set of special materials for this event as well as characters - various users to illustrate how each representative of specific target audience could use HATCH. For example, experts, researchers, start-ups etc.


One of our goals was to deliver the information about the project to as many as possible participants. Each consortium member received a list of participants to whom they had to deliver the information and presentation about the HATCH.

Media coverage

The information about the launch of the HATCH was published in various media, it was also shared on social media by stakeholders, media, bloggers as well as individuals. here are links to some of the publications. 

WIT Berry communication

HATCH launch at Paris Space Week

You can see only few illustrations from the event as well as our dedicated characters and posters to illustrate the user personas – target audiences. Our flayer was very carefully thought out – it had a shape of the space hatch and also the content was word play that made a link between opening the space hatch and opening a web portal HATCH. 

Paris Space Week allowed us not only to raise awareness about our project and its outcome – the web portal but also to demonstrate how the elastic search work, what are the main features and benefits for the users during one-to-one sessions and presentations. 

Linda Kimeiša, WIT Berry

L.Kimeiša PSW

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