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Quiz - GIESEPP MP project communication activity

About communication activity

The goal of this communication activity was to share the knowledge about the electric space propulsion, in particular, in the context of the GIESEPP MP project and its developments. WIT Berry wanted to provide this information in an engaging way – quiz. You can still take the quiz and check your knowledge.

What did WIT Berry team do?

WIT Berry planned the activity and organized all the activities around the activity.

The Challenge

The most difficult part was to plan and film the videos for the main story (quiz video) and the correct answers. The preparation work that was executed before the quiz was very challenging as it was implemented remotely and had to be communicated to all the partners.

The Outcome

We got the main video and 12 different videos as correct answers. The communication about the quiz went very smoothly, and we got a decent number of participants, even considering the specific topic of this quiz.

The tasks that WIT Berry's team implemented

Created landing page

We created a dedicated landing page with a quiz where we integrated correct answers that were demonstrated in the form videos.


Although, the event was online, we created a PDF brochure with the most information - topics, speakers, presentation descriptions, organisers and of course sponsors!


It was a challenge to plan and film all the videos. We had to plan the explanatory video and the correct answer videos (12 in total).

The quiz photo gallery

These are only a few photos from this quiz.

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