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Special offers
for Horizon Europe projects

Maximise the impact of your research & innovation project

Special Offers to enhance your
Horizon Europe project's impact and visibility

Our specialized solutions are meticulously tailored to empower your project’s communication, dissemination and outreach activities.

WIT portfolio

Visual Identity for Horizon Europe projects

Our profound expertise seamlessly translates your project’s essence into captivating visual identities. This encompasses the meticulous design of logos, document templates (Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Deliverables), and comprehensive style guides, all contributing to a harmonious communication and dissemination strategy that genuinely mirrors your project’s ambitious goals.

Comprehensive Package

Unlock the potential of a complete visual identity package, finely tuned to the exacting standards of scientists and industry representatives. 

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Webinars and Communication campaigns

Unlock the potential of your Horizon Europe project with our expert guidance. We specialize in organizing webinars and crafting impactful communication campaigns tailored to your project’s needs. Let us help you shine a spotlight on your research, innovations, and contributions to the future of Europe.

WIT Berry communication

Final event of Horizon Europe project

We will help you to plan and organise outstanding final event for Horizon Europe project  both online and on-site. Our primary goal is to enhance the impact and visibility of your project’s results and outcomes. We will help you to organise an event from witch all the target audiences of your project will benefit. 

Ready to elevate your Horizon Europe project and captivate the scientific and industry communities alike?

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