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Switch to Space event
in Belgium

About event

Switch to Space was a new idea and concept proposed and organised by YouSpace Belgium. It aimed to create links between space experts and students and young professionals. 

What did WIT Berry team do?

WIT Berry’s team was responsible for all the communication activities for this event. 

The Challenge

This was the first time that the event was organised. That is why it was even more challenging to promote it between students, speakers, sponsors, policy makers and other stakeholders.

The Outcome

More than 500 people attended this event, including high-ranking space professionals, the Belgian Minister of Finance, CEOs of top space companies in Belgium, and future space professionals.

The tasks that WIT Berry's team implemented

Communication Strategy

One of our first aims was to create a communication strategy as before taking any action we had to know when, who, why and how tasks will be implemented in order to achieve the anticipated results.

Brand Book

For the first Switch to Space event the first logo and colour scheme was created as well as several recommended communication style options. We could call it a simplified brand book.

Communication with Sponsors

The relations with sponsors required special attention. Each sponsor had a a list of promotional possibilities they could use. Our team managed that all the sponsors were visible and got the attention from their target audience.


The first version of the web site was created. It contained all the information about speakers, topics, organisers and sponsors. It also collects all the presentations, video recordings and photo galleries.

Communication on Social Media

We managed the social media communication Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We introduced all the speakers, topics, sponsors as well as created dedicated events. As the event happened for the first time, we also organised a advertising campaign.


We created a printable brochure (of 55 pages) with the most information - topics, speakers, presentation descriptions, organisers and sponsors!

Roll-ups & videos

To promote event we created some videos that were posted on social media. Roll-ups were printed for onsite events in order to brand the environment and promote sponsors.

Email Newsletters

An e-mail newsletter sequence was created to keep the attendees up-to date with the latest news. They also received reminders about the event and exclusive information with real career opportunities.


We created a design of various other materials such as badges for participants and speakers, the registration forms, direction signs fo the venue etc.

Since 2018, YouSpace have a very close collaboration with WIT Berry’s team that takes care of all the communication tasks for Switch to Space events. The WIT Berry’s team is a very effective partner. They listen to our needs as well as provide their own solutions. They are real professionals! We fully trust and rely on them!  

Dominique Tilmans | Chair of YouSpace

The initiative by YouSpace Belgium

The event photo gallery

These are only a few photos from this event.

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