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Engaging with students & young professionals

About the event

Together with other project GIESEPP MP partners WIT Berry organised a webinar aimed at students and young professionals. The topic of the webinar was “Electric Space Propulsion & new career opportunities in the space sector in Europe”.

What did WIT Berry team do?

WIT Berry team was responsible for the communication campaign of the webinar, management and planning of the event.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to engage with students and young professionals who are interested in the space sector and demonstrate to them the achievements in the domain of electric propulsion and future possible career opportunities.

The Outcome

More than 140 participants from 36 countries attended the webinar, 9 speakers provided engaging presentations. The webinar was highly evaluated by the participants. All the speakers were satisfied with the event.

The tasks that WIT Berry's team implemented

Management and planning

WIT Berry planned and managed this event – set up agenda, invited speakers, held internal meetings with speakers, provided guidelines etc.

Communication campaign

A dedicated landing page was created to promote the event, provide registration and post all the information about speakers, presentations etc.

Communication materials

WIT berry created all the communication materials for the event, including videos, banners, social media communication, press releases, presentation templates etc.

See all recordings and presentations
from the webinar

Media coverage

Here are some links to the press releases and other resources. 

WIT Berry team

“We are very satisfied with the results from this webinar. We are very glad that our organized webinar grabbed attention of many students worldwide. It was amazing to bring together the best professionals in Europe and future experts. We are very pleased that this exchange of information was enriching for both participants and speakers”.

GIESEPP MP project partner / WIT Berry communication manager, Linda Kimeisa

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