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We have organised and been responsible for communication campaigns for several engaging events – online, place and hybrid.

DEEP PPU webinar

Webinar aimed at SMEs in the space sector in Europe

From leading space industry experts to SMEs in Europe. Collaboration possibilities in both within and beyond EU-funded projects.

wit eu portfolio

Webinar - Electric space propulsion

Horizon 2020 project GIESEPP MP & Horizon Europe project DEEP PPU joint webinar on Electric Space Propulsion, 2023 with recordings.


Belgium 19.10.2022.

Switch to space 3 - space event

The largest event in Belgium dedicated to students and young professionals interested in developing careers in the space sector. In 2022, it was the third event organized by, that took place in Brussels, Belgium (19.10.2022)

Switch to space 2

Switch to Space 2 – space event in Belgium & online

Switch to Space is the most significant event in Belgium dedicated to students and young professionals willing to develop their careers in the space sector. In 2020 Switch to Space was held both online and offline. 

Space Event

Switch to Space – space event in Belgium

The first Switch to Space was a nice challenge since we had to establish everything from scratch – strategy, approach, communication style, databases and so on. It was a real success! Our and all the S2S team’s effort paid off! 

wit eu portfolio

Engaging with students & young professionals

Together with other project GIESEPP MP partners WIT Berry organised a webinar aimed at students and young professionals. The topic of the webinar was “Electric Space Propulsion & new career opportunities in the space sector in Europe”.