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Webinar - Electric space propulsion

About the webinar

This webinar aimed to offer practical insights directly from leading space industry experts on how SMEs in Europe can effectively choose collaboration partners, both within and beyond EU-funded projects. Recognizing SMEs’ high motivation, the session provided focused insights to enhance their chances of involvement in EU projects or collaboration with industry leaders. Organized by Horizon 2020 project GIESEPP MP, Horizon Europe projects DEEP PPU, and CHEOPS VHP BB, the event featured speakers from ArianeGroup, Airbus Crisa, and Safran.

What did WIT Berry team do?

The WIT Berry team handled the webinar’s conceptual idea, communication with all the speakers, organizational elements, communication campaign, and overall event management and planning.


We strategized and executed the event, liaised with speakers, designed presentation templates, developed registration forms and landing pages, conducted a promotional campaign, and hosted and moderated the webinar.


With over 70 participants, the webinar received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Additionally, we've ensured the webinar recordings are accessible on the project websites for those who missed it.

“Organizing a webinar with multiple project speakers is intriguing and challenging. It was gratifying to witness how the speakers seamlessly complemented each other, sharing a mindset focused on delivering valuable information to SMEs.”

Guna Valtere | Communication manager

Creative Commucation

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