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H2020 project HATCH

About project

The aim of HATCH was to develop a scalable, contemporary, interactive and user-driven platform for promoting European space projects and related activities to professionals and citizens. It aims to overcome obstacles enabling researchers, innovators and other stakeholders to focus on achieving their objectives.

What did WIT Berry team do?

WIT Berry’s team was a communication and dissemination partner. WIT Berry was involved in the proposal writing and led all the communication and dissemination activities. 

The Challenge

The challenge was to generate the interest abut the project and the website before it was launched as well as attract the end users of various groups - professionals as well as citizens and space enthusiasts.

The Outcome

We did create an interest about the web portal before it was launched. The project was successfully launched 3 months before the end of the project. We managed to met the set KPIs. We managed to attract the defined user groups and got a great feedback from them about the web portal and our communication activities.

The tasks that WIT Berry's team implemented

Web content

During the project, we created more than 50 articles that were published on the web portal as well as another type of informative and engaging content called Quick Knowledge.

User Personas

One of the key tasks that was implemented by WIT and the partners even before the submission of the proposal was a market research and definition of user personas. The aim was to adapt design, functionalities and concept to defined target audiences.

Press Releases & Media Relations

Our press releases got published on international space related media. We also got visibility on various local media in Latvia and Poland about the activities that were aimed at citizens and space enthusiasts.

Communication on Social Media

We used tailored content and communication style for various target audiences in social media. Professionals - Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, citizens - Facebook and Instagram.

Brand book

We created a brand book to define a common style for all the communication and dissemination activities. It included - logo, colour palette, templates for banners, flyers, newsletters, presentations etc.

Creation of Video Content

We created 20 videos to communicate about the project. We used both professional video creators and amateur videos (that were created by the partners on the spot) to ensure engaging communication content.

Workshops & webinars

Our firs milestone - the design review meeting was held as a public event that all the interested parties could participate and express their feedback. It was held in Barcelona (offline) and online.


When individual partners presented the project locally, we supported them with visual aids, presentation materials, content as well as promotion of their presentation to our communities and target audiences (online communication).


We organised several communication campaigns. For example, the Quick Knowledge campaign that was an international campaign as well as some local campaigns in Baltic states and Poland.


We participated and promoted our project and its outcomes in various events, including Paris Space Week, International Astronautical Congress and others as well as several local events in UK, Poland and Latvia.

Email newsletters

We managed to create a database of more than 500 professionals interested in our project and we sent them out 15 e-mail newsletters within the duration of the project.

I’ve only known Linda for a couple of years, but she brings insight, creativity and humour into business processes and communications. Perhaps the best recommendation I can give is that during the first experience of her work, I said that our companies would be collaborating within a year – without having any idea what it would be about or how. It came true, and we are benefiting from Linda’s focus on quality, her direct approach and willingness to ask important questions.

Ed Chester | Space Systems Engineer, Innovation and Project Manager

Ed Chester

The project photo gallery

These are only a few photos from our project that will illustrate the diversity of communication and dissemination activities we implemented. 

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