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Cheops - wit eu portfolio

About project

The main objective of this project is to design, develop and test overall system architecture against these various mission use cases. The project CHEOPS VHP BB complements ongoing thruster-focused development activities with research and development on the future use of very high-power Hall thruster systems. The project will use a robust and cost-effective approach to qualification, manufacturability of critical components subject to wear, typically the discharge chamber and cathode and the ability to envisage alternative propellants and power sources.

Funded by EU

The role of WIT Berry's team in the CHEOPS VHP BB project

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What can we do?

We can ensure a full range of communication and dissemination activities for projects within the Horizon Europe programme. Here are some visual materials we have developed for CHEOPS VHP BB project communication purposes.

When developing CHEOPS VHP BB logo and visual identity we had to take into consideration the style of the two previously funded Horizon 2020 projects that CHEOPS VHP BB project complements with its developments. We kept the same look and feel but integrated and simplified some elements to keep it simple and visually appealing.


Guna Valtere, Communication manager

Creative Commucation

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