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Horizon Europe project HAlMan

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About project

The project HAlMan stands for Sustainable Hydrogen and Aluminothermic Reduction Process for Manganese, its Alloys and Critical Raw Material Production.

The aim is to demonstrate the HAlMan process for Mn and Mn alloy production on a pilot scale. These metals will be further used to produce several tons of Mn-containing commercial steels and aluminium alloys. In addition, the project aims to produce manganese dioxide for battery applications and demonstrate the production of metallurgical grade alumina and commercial cement from process byproducts. The mapping and extraction of Critical Raw Materials, including Rare Earth Elements (REEs), is the other aim of HAlMan.

Funded by EU

The role of WIT Berry's team in the HAlMan project

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What can we do?

We can ensure a full range of communication and dissemination activities for projects within the Horizon Europe programme. Here are some visual materials we have developed for HAlMan project communication purposes.

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