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Horizon Europe project

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About project

The REVERTER stands for Deep REnovation roadmaps to decrease households VulnERability to Energy poveRty.

By providing tenants or landlords with comprehensive information and realistic building renovation solutions, the REVERTER consortium aims to reduce energy poverty in Europe. It will be achieved through training, development of roadmaps, and implementation of 4 pilots (including creating One-Stop-Shops).

The role of WIT Berry's team in the REVERTER project

Communication and dissemination strategy
Visual identity
Development of 4 digital One-Stop-Shops
Communication activities
Dissemination activities
Document, presentation and other templates
Monitoring & reporting
Development of digital Hub
Press releases & articles

What can we do?

We can ensure a full range of communication and dissemination activities for projects within the Horizon Europe programme. Here are some visual materials we have developed for REVERTER project communication purposes.

It was challenging to develop a communication strategy for diverse audiences, spanning national levels in 4 pilot countries and reaching an international spectrum encompassing broad audiences, stakeholders, and policymakers. Creating five unified digital platforms, four digital one-stop shops and a hub was equally demanding. While maintaining consistent aesthetics, concept, and coherence, these platforms required seamless adaptation to cater to the distinct requirements of local target audiences.

Linda Kimeiša, Communication manager

WIT Berry team

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