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The Book “Web Content
that Sells”

About Book

The book “Web Content that Sells” was the first book published in Latvia that spoke about copywriting for website and web portals. The book contains real case studies, examples, tips and tricks for communication managers, developers, designers and company owners.

Linda Kimeiša from Latvia

What did happen

WIT Berry’s owner Linda was already an experienced copywriter who was writing for her blog and various clients in Latvia and other countries when she noticed that her clients keep asking the same questions and some of them even want to write content for their website by themselves. Thus, she decided to write a book “Web content that sells” which was published in Latvia in 2013.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to find relevant case studies to demonstrate does and dont's without revealing the names of the companies. The companies that represented the good practiced were showcased. However, we did create another design and changed the content for the bad examples. Also, the challenge was to publish the book extremely fast as the digital communication industry rapidly changes.


The book was real success. It was sold out! Even almost 10 years from the day it was published WIT Berry's clients and collaboration partners use it to get inspired for copyriting for web.

I am one of the first communication managers in Latvia who spotted that the web content is big deal! I started to dig in and educate myself. I am very proud of the book that my team and I created! We can still see that it had a huge value for the whole sector – web content writing in Latvia. 

Linda Kimeiša

WIT Berry team

The presentation of the book

The book presentation event in Riga, Latvia, 2013.

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